Foot Problem Advice

Wide Fitting brings you a selection of useful advice guides, covering everything from the size and width of your shoes to advice on foot problems.

How to find the most comfortable women’s shoes for you

At Wide we know the importance of wide fitting shoes – in fact, they’re the most comfortable women’s shoes you can buy! If you don’t know where to start when shopping online for ladies’ comfort shoes or orthopedic footware, Wide is here to help with our handy guides to orthopedic footwear and women’s shoes in a wide size.

Foot problems? Swollen feet? Read our footcare guides…

We understand that many women who need wide fit shoes have foot problems that can cause them discomfort or pain. Many women suffer from foot problems such as swollen feet and may need orthopaedic shoes as a result. The right footcare can give comfort to swollen feet. Find out how to care for swollen or painful feet with our foot care guides. Of course, many foot problems originate from wearing ill-fitting shoes in the first place. If you wear the correct width fitting shoes you’ll reduce the risk of developing foot problems.

Footwear fashion trend advice and style tips

Wide fitting shoes can also be fashionable. Although many women have a stereotype of wide fit footwear as something old fashioned, there is now a big choice of fashionable ladies’ wide fitting shoes on the market, from classic court shoes to stylish high heel party shoes and pretty ballerina pumps. At Wide we don’t just care for the comfort of wide feet, we want you to look in fashion too! That’s why we’ve developed helpful fashion guides to the latest trends in women’s boots and shoes, designed to keep wide feet looking stylish and feeling comfortable.