Foot Care

Follow these foot care tips for healthy happy feet! It’s very important to look after your feet –establish a good footcare routine and help avoid foot problems.

Footcare tips for healthy, happy feet

The importance of good foot care

It’s very important to look after your feet – after all you only get one pair! Establish a good footcare routine and you will help avoid serious foot problems. Of course, if you already experience some foot problems then you’ve even more reason to take up good foot care practice now to alleviate the issues. The first step is to make sure you always wear shoes and boots in your correct shoe size and width fitting to avoid any foot pain from rubbing or corns & calluses from developing.

Positive foot hygiene for foot health

Keeping your feet and clean and in good condition can help prevent infection. For healthy feet make sure you clean and dry them thoroughly at least once a day, making sure you wash well in between your toes and around the nails and nail beds. It’s best to use tepid water rather than extremes of hot and cold; try washing with a gentle anti-bacterial soap to keep odours at bay.

Treat your feet to a home pedicure

You don’t need complicated manicure & pedicure equipment to take care of your feet. Use a pumice stone, exfoliator or foot file to remove dry, hard skin. You’ll find it’s easiest to do this after a bath or shower when the skin of your feet is softened. Again, whilst your toenails are soft, trim them straight across with toenail clippers. Do not cut them in a curve using scissors as this can encourage ingrown toenails. Lastly, use a foot cream or moisturiser to keep your feet soft and in good condition. If you follow these foot care tips you’ll help avoid corns and calluses and have happy, healthy feet!