Foot Problems

If you experience foot pain either because of an ongoing condition, or poorly fitting shoes then wide fitting or orthopedic footware could be the answer.

Why do my feet hurt?

If you have sore feet there could be a number of reasons, from ill-fitting footwear causing general discomfort to more serious foot pain caused by specific conditions. If ill-fitting shoes cause your foot pain then our wide fitting footwear size guide can help you find your perfect shoes.

Other conditions listed below may cause foot pain, which could be eased by wearing wide fit shoes or orthopaedic shoes.


Bunions may cause sore feet, if so your big toe will be angled towards your other toes rather than straight, and as a result the metatarsal joint may protrude and become swollen and painful.

It is thought that bunions may be caused by tight fitting footwear, which is why women are more likely to be affected than men. Wearing wide fitting footwear and the correct size shoes can help prevent bunions forming in some cases. If you think you may be developing foot problems due to ill-fitting shoes then check our wide fitting shoes measuring guide. It will show you how to measure your feet and help ensure you can find the most comfortable women’s shoes.
If you do suffer from bunions then orthopaedic shoes may help ease discomfort. Orthopaedic shoes have more padding, are usually wide fitting and allow for a greater degree of customisation for the most comfortable fit.

Fallen Arches/Flat Feet

In most cases flat feet or fallen arches do not cause any problems or pain, however sometimes poorly fitting shoes can exacerbate the condition.
Fallen arches occur when the sole of your foot is not arched but instead is the same level as the outer edges of the foot. This can be examined by wetting your foot and standing on paper or cardboard, the more of the sole that leaves a print, the flatter your feet. If you wear shoes out quickly, or experience discomfort, then better supporting shoes could help. Orthopedic footwear can be useful in the alleviation of flat feet related symptoms.

Plus is you have flat feet that do not cause problems and you wish to ensure you remain comfortable and symptom free then wide fitting shoes could help.


Hammertoe occurs when the outermost toes on one or both feet are bent rather than straight. This can cause painful pressure points, calluses and corns. Hammertoe and mallet toe can be caused by a number of conditions as well as wearing ill fitting shoes, excessively high heels or pointed shoes. These force the toes into an unnatural shape and can cause the toe muscles to shorten and create hammertoe.