Swollen Feet

Swollen feet and ankles

Many women suffer from swollen feet and ankles so if you have this problem then you are not alone. They are often a result of excess fluid building up in the body, which then moves down to the feet because of gravity. Swollen feet can cause much discomfort. Shoes are likely to become tight and painful as a result and it can make shopping for shoes difficult.

Causes of swollen feet and legs

There are numerous causes of swollen legs and feet. One foot may swell as a result of a localised injury or infection but if both feet and lower legs are swollen it is more likely to be the result of something that affects the whole body such as problems of the heart, kidneys or liver. Pregnancy and obesity can be influencing factors, as can arthritis, which can make foot joints swell up. At a less serious level, swollen feet can simply be caused by warmer weather or long periods of being on your feet.

Shoes for swollen feet

Wide fitting footwear is the best type of swollen feet shoes. The extra room in a wide fitting can accommodate swelling easily, making you more comfortable. At Wide Fitting there’s a big choice of width fittings, from E to EEEE so whatever the degree of swelling you suffer from you’ll find the shoes and boots to fit you perfectly.

Tips for reducing swelling

Wearing wide fitting shoes can help, as squeezing into narrow shoes may aggravate the problem. Try cutting back on salt and increasing your intake of water to minimise fluid retention. Exercise more to improve circulation. Generally it’s best not to stay still for too long to try getting up and going for a little walk now and again. Lastly, try elevating your legs. Lie on your back and raise your legs and feet a few times a day for 10 minutes or more at a time. This will help redistribute the fluid that has accumulated in your feet and ankles.