Brands: If you love designer shoes but struggle to find the right fit, then our brands section is the perfect solution!

Fashionable wide fitting shoes from fabulous designers!

If you wear E fit, EE fit, EEE fit, EEEE fit shoes or above you’ll know how hard it can be to find stylish footwear in your size. Here at we’re here to help, our footwear range spans the full range, from standard fit to EEEEEE and includes everything from sandals and court shoes through to shoe boots and wide calf boots.

Designer Wide Fitting Shoes

If you love shoes but take a wide fitting it can seem impossible to find stylish footwear that’s comfortable, many women with wider feet resign themselves to constant pain in order to get fashionable shoes. But it doesn’t have to be that way; our range of wide fitting shoes and calf fitting boots includes the latest styles and footwear fashions in wide fittings, bigger sizes and wide calf fittings.

Wide Fitting Brands

Many of our brands are available in sizes up to EEE with some in EEEE as well. Plus MultiFit offer stylish shoes in EEEEE and EEEEEE fit, with removable insoles in different widths so you’re sure to get your ideal size. Some of our favourite brands in EEE fit include Isabella Cole, Van Dal, Caryn Franklin, The Shoe Tailor and Viva La Diva.
They’re all great choices for stylish footwear in E fittings, including wedges, high heels and wide fitting party shoes.

Wide Calf boots

There are many women who, season after season, find themselves trying to force their legs into boots that are uncomfortable around the calf, or simply won’t fit. Our range of wide calf boots is comfortable and made to fit you. Plus they even come in wide fittings, so if you need an E fit shoes and a wide calf boot you can get both here.
Our favourite wide calf boots brands include Buckles & Bows, Emotion and Viva La Diva. Our range includes stylish boots in comfortable width fittings for a great variety of occasions.