A guide to the different sizes of wide fitting shoes, from standard D fit and wide E fit up to super wide EEEE fitting for very broad feet.

Ladies footwear in a big shoe size range

Most people think they know their shoe size but often people are wearing the wrong shoe size.. If you’re not sure, take a look at our footwear sizing guide. The most common shoe size for women is a size 5 or 6 but everybody is different. Women with petite feet may take a small shoe size such as a size 3. Women with bigger feet need a larger shoe size such as a size 9. At Wide Fitting you’ll find shoes in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Whatever your shoe size, make sure you’ve got it right for comfy feet. Our foot measuring guide can help if you’re not sure.

Wide ladies’ shoes for complete comfort

You may know your shoe size, but do you know your width fitting? Many women are unaware that there are so many different width fittings of wide fitting shoes and may not realise that they need wide lady shoes themselves. If you think you may need wide ladies shoes then take a look at our wide fitting shoes sizing guide. It will show you how to find out if you have wide feet and exactly which width fitting you need. You may be surprised at the big choice of footwear for wide feet that’s available.

A quick key to the different sizes of wide fitting shoes

There are actually more than 5 different width fittings for shoes and boots. They range from a standard D fit, which is the fit that you’ll find in most footwear shops, up to EEEE fit (extra ultra wide) and beyond, giving total foot comfort for wide feet. So what’s the difference? Here’s a quick run down:

D fit – D fitting shoes and boots are the standard footwear width that you’ll find in most shoe shops. Many find these to be too narrow

E fit – Wide fitting shoes for a little more room to breathe
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EE fit – Extra wide fit footwear for extra comfort
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EEE fit – Ultra wide for a really roomy fit
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EEEE fit – Extra ultra wide footwear for if you really struggle to find shoes and boots that fit
>>Read more about EEEE fit shoes

Wide calf boots & slim calf boots

Wide with women’s boots are also available to buy here online. But when it comes to boots it’s not just the fit for your feet that’s important, it’s the fit for your legs/ calves. You’ll find a bit choice of slim calf and wide calf boots online at Wide Fitting. If you’re unsure of what calf fitting you need, take a look at our measuring guide for wide calf boots.