Wide fitting ladies’ footwear in size E fit, perfect for having a little extra room and avoiding foot problems caused by too-tight shoes.

E fit shoes

If you find that your shoes feel a little snug and pinch your feet then you could be wearing the wrong width shoes. The difference between a pair of standard width shoes and E fit shoes is a mere 6/7 mm but the difference in comfort can be amazing!

Shoe E Width Fit (mm)
Size 4 shoe 222
Size 5 shoe 228
Size 6 shoe 234
Size 7 shoe 241
Size 8 shoe 247
Size 9 shoe 254

If you think that you might need E fit wide fitting shoes then take a look at our wide fitting shoes sizing guide for everything you need to find your wide fit shoe size. E fit shoes could give you extra comfort that you might not even know you’ve been lacking.

You might worry that wide fitting shoes (E fit) will be less stylish than standard width shoes, but you could be surprised. There are many manufacturers who have a fantastic range of E width wide fitting shoes including E fit heels and E width wedges as well as boots, flats and more, so just because you need E fit shoes doesn’t mean you’re banished to the realm of sensible footwear.

Our recommendations for wide fitting shoes ensure that you can find fashionable footwear in wider fittings so there’s no need to suffer for style!