Avoid the tightness and pinch caused by shoes that are too small, if you’re restricted in what shoes you can wear you might need Ee fit footwear.

If you find that regular size shoes are more than a little uncomfortable, or if you feel that you have to wear shoes that are too big in order for them to fit your foot width then you could need Ee fit shoes. Ee width footwear is a small step up from D and E fit, but those extra 12 mm from standard size or 6 mm from E width can make a massive difference to your comfort.

Shoe Extra Wide Ee Fit (mm)
Size 4 shoe 228
Size 5 shoe 234
Size 6 shoe 240
Size 7 shoe 247
Size 8 shoe 254
Size 9 shoe 260

Many women who should wear Ee fit shoes don’t realise that wide fitting shoes will offer them better comfort, they just assume they can’t wear certain styles, but if you too struggle to wear certain shoe styles then Ee fit shoes and boots could well be the answer!

A lot of women who realise they need wider fitting footwear worry that they will be unable to find stylish wide fitting shoes, but there’s no need to worry. If you take a look at our Ee fit shoes recommendations then you’ll see that style and comfort can indeed go together.