Comfortable women’s shoes in EEE fit, perfect for women with wider feet who struggle to find comfortable ladies’ shoes.

Women with wider feet often find it difficult to find comfortable, stylish shoes that fit well. Many don’t actually know their shoe width size. If you find buying shoes difficult because many styles are too narrow, or you just can’t get shoes to fit in your size then have a look at our range of EEE fit shoes.

Shoe Eee Fit (mm)
Size 4 shoe 234
Size 5 shoe 241
Size 6 shoe 247
Size 7 shoe 254
Size 8 shoe 260
Size 9 shoe 266

A large number of women who need wide fitting footwear don’t realise, they simply assume they can’t wear certain styles of shoe, or despite recognising that they have wider feet they don’t connect it to finding wide fitting shoes. In fact 1 in 3 women in the UK are unaware of their real shoe size.

If this sounds like you then take a look at our wide fitting shoes size guide and get gorgeous wide fitting Eee fit shoes in your true size.

Here at we show you where to find the most comfortable women’s shoes, wide ladies’ shoes and wide leg boots so you can look and feel fantastic! If you, like many women struggle to find woman’s comfortable shoes then Eee fit shoes could make a major difference!