Women with wider feet often find it difficult to find comfortable, stylish shoes that fit well. Many women don’t actually know their shoe width size or that they need wide fitting shoes at all.

If you find buying shoes difficult because many styles are too narrow, or you just can’t get shoes to fit in your size then have a look at our recommended ranges of EEEE fit shoes and find your perfect pair of wide fitting shoes.

Shoe EEEE Fit (mm)
Size 4 shoe 241
Size 5 shoe 247
Size 6 shoe 254
Size 7 shoe 260
Size 8 shoe 266
Size 9 shoe 272

If you think you should be wearing Eeee fit shoes then have look at our wide fitting shoes foot measuring guide to find your perfect size whether it’s E, EE, EEE or EEEE fit shoes you’ll feel much better when wearing your true wide fit shoe size!

Recognising that you need wide fitting shoes or EEEE fit shoes can make a big difference to your life, style and comfort and can give you the freedom to wear shoes you love and that fit you perfectly!

Plus wearing EEEE fit shoes doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful footwear, our recommended wide fitting shoes ranges include EEEE size beautiful ballerina pumps and boots.