Wide Calf

If you have wider calves then knee high boots may have caused you problems in the past, but not any more with our calf fitting boots at www.widefitting.co.uk.

Wide calf knee high boots

If you have wide calves then in the past you may have found it difficult to find boots that fit comfortably, our mission is to help you find your perfect boots without having to squash your calves or wrestle with tight fastenings.

Finding your wide knee-high boot size!

In order to find your perfect wide fitting calf boot then first you need to find your calf width, the easiest way to do this is using our easy calf width size guide. Simply measure the widest part of your calf and compare it with the widths on our chart, from wide calf fit, to extra wide calf, ultra wide calf and extra ultra wide calf fittings.

Shop wide calf fitting knee high boots!

Once you’ve found your perfect size (if you think you might also need wide width woman shoes then check our wide fitting shoes size guide) you can shop for wide fit knee boots.
Take a look at our gorgeous calf fitting boots from footwear designers and get the most from your knee length calf fitting boots!

There are so many ways to wear calf fitting knee boots that you’ll be spoilt for choice, they’re the ultimate choice for winter teamed with a skirt and tights, and look fantastic on a night out with slim leg trousers!