Wide fitting shoes sizing guide

Inches Centimetres UK
8.5 21.6 Size 2 shoes
8.75 22.2 Size 3 shoes
9 22.9 Size 4 shoes
9.25 23.5 Size 5 shoes
9.5 24.1 Size 6 shoes
9.75 25.4 Size 7 shoes
10 26 Size 8 shoes
10.25 26.7 Size 9 shoes
10.5 27.3 Size 10 shoes
10.75 27.9 Size 11 shoes

Women often don’t realise that one shoe size isn’t always enough.

We need to remember that as well as foot length; foot width and calf width have a major role in the fit and comfort of your footwear. Most people know their basic “shoe size” but it can be difficult to then figure out their true shoe fit.

If you want to find your shoe size then look at the chart to the left.

Simple foot length is not always enough when it comes to choosing comfortable footwear. Most people’s feet vary slightly in width; two people with size 5 feet will not necessarily need the same width shoes. People who should wear E fit shoes and Ee fit shoes are the most likely to be unaware they need wide fitting shoes as the difference seems so slight, however, wearing wider fit shoes could make a huge difference to them. Women who need size Eee and Eeee shoes may be more likely to realise their need for wide fitting shoes, but won’t necessarily know where to find fashionable shoes in E, EE, EEE and EEEE sizes.

In order to check your foot wrap a tape measure underneath the widest part of your foot, just below the toe and measure the width round your foot. Then consult the table below to find your perfect wide fitting shoes size.

Shoe Standard or D Fit (mm) E Fit (mm) EE Fit (mm) EEE Fit (mm) EEEE Fit (mm)
Size 4 shoe 216 222 228 234 241
Size 5 shoe 222 228 234 241 247
Size 6 shoe 228 234 240 247 254
Size 7 shoe 234 241 247 254 260
Size 8 shoe 241 247 254 260 266
Size 9 shoe 247 254 260 266 272

Many of our recommendations for wide fitting shoes include sizes D to EEE with some in EEEE fit so you can find your perfect shoes, in your perfect size.

If you want more information about wide fitting shoes then take a look at our wide fitting footwear size pages.